Toddler Room

Pre-School Program

Our Pre-School program focuses on Early Learning. Pre-School activities are integrated into our daycare routine, so parents have the benefit of enrolling their child in a childcare centre that takes early learning very passionately.

As children enter their 3rd year, they become more curious and imaginative. Their imagination and curiosity guide them to learn through play. Our program helps children to develop in a number of areas:

  1. Motor Skill Development: hands on activities, outdoor play, tossing and catching.
  2. Cognitive Development: puzzles, games, recognizing shapes and colors.
  3. Language Development: recognizing and forming letters and storytelling.
  4. Social/Emotional Development: Playing with peers and learning to socialize and bond with friends.

Our centre is passionate about literacy and we understand the importance of introducing young children to books. We stimulate their excitement by always having a fresh assortment of books available and by taking seasonable or thematic books from the public library every week.

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